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Dr. Murali Manohar Chirumamilla
Raksha Ayurvedalaya: The Family Wellness Center

Home Remedies

Abortion, threatened: Hing is used as an aid in prevention of miscarriage (stimulates ovarian and intestinal activity).

Acidity: Juice extracted from aloe vera leaves is a good remedy in acidity, gastritis and ulcer.

Burns: If you get burnt when cooking etc., any skin burn, cut a potato and rub all over the burnt area so that the juices spread over your burn. Even better is to grate a little and then pat it all over your burn and leave for a few minutes. Next day, there will be no mark. Even if you burn your mouth upon tasting something too hot, just chew a piece of raw potato, leave it in there for a few minutes and the next day it is as fine as ever. It truly is amazing. 

Cataract- a few drops of fresh lemon juice put early morning into the eye of aged persons nearing 60-70 years, dissolves cataract, and, makes the eyesight clear day by day.

Cholera : 1) Along with the preparation of holy basil seeds make a decoction of the following ingredients. Powder 5 leaves of peppal tree, 3 gms clove, 5 gms sonth (died ginger) and 10 gms dalchini (cinnamon). Boil all the ingredients in half a litre water. Boil till one forth left, sieve and store in a bottle. Take 2 spoons every 15 minutes.

2) Make small tablets of tulsi seed powder with black pepper powder. Gulp with water every three hours. Tulsi (holy basil) acts as a prophylactic in cases of epidemic diseases. A dose of 12 gms. a day in divided doses acts good to prevent during an epidemic

Cholesterol : 1) A flake of garlic daily in the morning keeps cholesterol within limits, is good for digestion and avoids attack of allergic cold.

2) Intake of 10 g of Psyllium Husk per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol significantly lowers the blood total- and LDL-cholesterol levels.

Cold: At the first sign of a cold, crush some garlic and mix with honey or a little olive oil and drink. Taste nasty but, it works. 

Constipation due to adverse eating habits: 1) take a glass of luke warm water to which add saindhav namak, kala namak and half a lemon. Drink this preparation early in morning.

2) Drink a glass of luke warm milk with 10 gms of munakka to treat constipation.

3) In habitual constipation a tablespoon of Haritaki increases the frequency of stools and has got the property of evacuating the bowel completely.

Cough: Take equal quantity of ginger, vaasa, turmeric and licorice (mulethi) in 8 times water. Boil till 1/4th is left. Sieve and drink with honey. This mixture provides instant relief in productive cough. It allows peaceful release of mucus from within the body.

Excessive vaginal discharge: drink juice of radish and its leaves thrice a day for almost 15 days. The alkaline nature of radish combats the acidic discharge and helps to cure the condition. Ensure the cause of excessive discharge.

Female Troubles: It is general recommendation to drink milk in which bark of Ashok has been boiled by every female every three days, in every 3 months, as preventive to all gynecological troubles.

Hair fall: in case of excessive hair fall and brittle hair wash hair with sour Dahi, that in kept for 2- 3 days. Curd makes the hair softer and brings back the shine in them.

Headache: Powder 25 gm each of trikatu, dalchini and cumin. Keep on taking a teaspoonful every two hours to relieve headache due to fever and cold.

Hiccoughs : In hiccoughs that fail to stop take nasal inhalation of 5 gms haldi (turmeric) burnt with 5gms urad dal (black gram). Hing (asafetida) is also useful if hiccoughs become irritating. 3-4 gms of hingvashtak churn with honey or water controls hiccoughs.

Hormone disturbance: Oats in a dose of 2.5 gms daily, whether eaten or infused, will nourish and help balance your hormonal system and are useful in females drawing towards menopause.

Indigestion: Fry hing (asafetida) 1 part. To this add rock salt 2 parts and take this with Ajwain 1 part this improves digestion, and prevents constipation.

Infantile Catarrh: For infantile catarrh, Aniseed tea is very helpful. It is made by pouring half a pint of boiling water on 2 teaspoonful of bruised seed. This, sweetened, is given cold in doses of 1 to 3 teaspoonful frequently.

Intestinal gas: Activated charcoal is a traditional remedy for treating excess stomach and intestinal gas. It works by attracting excess gas in the stomach and bowels, which binds to the surface of the charcoal powder. This relieves the discomfort caused by excess gas (flatulence), wind, indigestion and heartburn. The charcoal is not absorbed from the gut.

Kidney Stone: 5 gms of powder of anjir fruit (fruit of fig tree) if taken thrice a day helps to dispel small kidney stones .

Migraine: Cook moong dal in water to prepare a soup. Add salt to taste. Powder three spices - black pepper, long pepper and dry ginger powder. Add a pinch of this mixture of spices to the cooked soup. Consume this every night without fail.

Nausea: In case of motion sickness and recurrent nausea, keep ginger flakes along. Even pickles made up of ginger can be carried along.

Pain: Clove leaf oil can be used for acne, bruises, burns and cuts, keeping infection at bay. As a pain reliever it helps with toothache, mouth sores, rheumatism and arthritis.

Painful Periods: Take a spoon full of honey, a pinch haldi and few drops of ginger juice in case of painful menstruation.

Pimples: Apply lemon juice with rose water for half an hour on face and wash. This clears pimples.

Prevention from headache due to scorching heat in summers: extract juice out of fresh amla. To this add rose water for essence and taste. Also add sugar syrup to make it sweet. A glass of this before leaving the house and after coming from work prevents adverse effects of heat.

Pyorrhoea:  Apply paste of salt, turmeric, black pepper and mustard oil on gums and teeth in case of pyorrhea.

Scurvy- a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in which a patient suffers from bleeding gums and teeth. Half a tablespoon of onion juice along with a pinch of salt if taken thrice a day heals and prevents scurvy.

Sunburn: A good solution for sunburns would have to be a paper bag soaked with vinegar. Tear up the paper bag and soak it in vinegar then place bag evenly across the burn, this draws out the heat and keeps you from wanting to scratch your burn.

Tonsils: Drink tea made up of clove and tulsi leaves to treat fever due to tonsils.

Wrinkles: Blend the egg white and honey well and then apply on the face. This makes your skin smooth and helps to reduce wrinkles.


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